A city with refined soul

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A few lines are not enough to collect the splendours of Parma and its welcoming province. Therefore, here is a photographic journey that will help you discover the jewels that history has scattered over these lands.

You will find fascinating medieval castles such as Rocca Fontanellato or the beautiful Torrechiara, Romanesque cathedrals like the Duomo di Parma and its pink marble Baptistery or the medieval low reliefs of the Duomo of the industrious and elegant Fidenza. And then the Baroque church of Steccata, the Palazzo della Pilotta with the wonderful wooden theatre, the Palatine Library, Teatro Regio and the National Gallery.

Even if you try to sneak into the alleys and places of these places, this exciting itinerary must be seen with your own eyes. And with your very own palate.

Parma is a remarkable city located between the hills of the Apennines and the Po. Its pastures are so tasty and sweet that it is believed that no place in Europe can be compared to this one for its production of excellent cheeses. Hence, Parma’s name is known everywhere.
William Thomas, London, 1561

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